Welcome to the Aardvark Kafe
906 W College Ave
State College

Vegan Options


Cucumber Salad                                  4.50

cucumbers, romaine, onions, mushrooms, carrots,

roasted red peppers, hummus and dressing

Olivia’s Fries                                          4.95

seasoned shoestring style fries with spicy buffalo cheeze sauce

Hummus Platter                                  6.95

roasted red pepper hummus, mixed vegetables, warm slices of bread

Tofu Bites                                             6.95

buffalo, bbq, sesame ginger


Served in our  homemade pocket style bread

Black                                                      6.95

black bean burger pieces, romaine, tomatoes, hummus.  buffalo or bbq style.  add spicy buffalo cheese sauce -  1.00

Zeno                                                       7.95        

black bean burger pieces, sautéed peppers, onions,  mushrooms, with marinara and spicy buffalo cheeze sauce

Mick Mick Mick                                    6.95

tofu bites covered with spicy buffalo cheeze sauce, sautéed peppers and onions, romaine and tomatoes

Merrick                                                  6.95

bbq tofu bites, romaine, tomatoes, hummus, fried onion straws

Sweetball Marinara                            7.95

rounded black bean burger pieces with marinara

Vegan-Dee’a                                         6.95

baked whole wheat quesadilla with tvp, beans, mushrooms, onions, salsa, spicy buffalo cheese sauce.  choice of dipping sauce. 

buffalo, bbq, sriracha, franks red hot


Salad                                                      3.00

romaine, mixed vegetables, house dressing

Seasoned Fries                                     3.00

shoestring style fries with house seasoning


Balsamic Cinnamon                            Cilantro Lime

Sriracha Dijon                                         Sesame Ginger

Shake   Chocolate Peanut Butter Banana  5.00

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